Saturday, November 5, 2016

Clausen Hall, Los Angeles City College
855 N. Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90029

$10 - $20


On November 5, Los Angeles Composers Collective Synchromy and experimental piano duo HOCKET join forces, along with twelve or so of their best friends, to present a staged version of Frederic Rzewski's rarely performed Crusoe.

The concert also features premieres from Jason Barabba, Alexander Elliott Miller, and Nick Norton, and music by Marc Evans and Mayke Nas.


Alexander Elliott Miller: Clock Smasher
Marc Evans: One Wandering Night
Nick Norton: Mirror Smasher Zero
Jason Barabba: The Distance of the Moon
Mayke Nas: Digit #2
Frederic Rzewski: Crusoe

Performed by:

HOCKET - Sarah Gibson and Thomas Kotcheff, pianos, toy pianos, and melodicas

Justine Aronson, soprano
Adrianne Hill, flute
Marc Evans, melodica and toy piano
Alexander Elliott Miller, guitar
Nick Norton, guitar and melodica
Isaac Schankler, accordion
Adrianne Pope, violin
Linnea Powell, viola
Federico Llach, double bass

Stage direction by Doug Oliphant